Review: Goodies

I know. We just can’t get enough barbecue here at wine me, dine me. Terry wanted barbecue last week, but Pit to Plate (our next barbecue stop, I swear) closed at 8:30 and from his place, it’s a good 25 minute drive. Leaving at 8:00 wasn’t going to give us much time. I noticed that Goodies was open until 10 PM– well, that decision was made for us.

I like Goodies– I always have. Their menu is a little hard to decipher. Instead of saying “sandwich” or “pulled pork”, they have Little Pig, Pig, and Hog on a Bun– nothing signifying that the first two are sandwiches. The first time I went there, I had no idea what the deal was, and ended up with rib tips. The rib tips were really good– covered in sauce and very meaty– but I wanted pulled pork.

This time, I got it.

Terry got the hot, and I got the mild. Terry loved the sauce– it was just hot enough to have a kick, but not enough to set his mouth on fire. The mild, for me, was perfect– a little kick, a lot of flavor, and not too sweet or too vinegary. It is very nicely balanced. The meat is great on its own–very tender and flavorful.

Goodies-- Hog on a bun, mild

We got sides as well– cole slaw (average), mac and cheese (good, but not fantastic), greens (Terry liked them, and they were flavorful without being overdone– a very good thing), and fried okra (which I tried for the very first time and loved). If I found a barbecue place that had killer mac and cheese AND cole slaw, I’d be in heaven.

Goodies-- mac and cheese and cole slaw

Goodies-- Fried Okra

(Greens are not photogenic.)

I think that Goodies has eclipsed Mr. Pig as Terry’s favorite in town. Here’s the list (so far):

1. Goodies
2. Mr. Pig
3. City BBQ
4. Burbank’s
Distant last: BBQ Revue

I wish he’d gotten a chance to try Jimmy’s before it closed. Mmm.

I’m hoping that sometime in the next week or so we can fit in Pit to Plate. Any other recommendations?

Goodies Southern Style BBQ on Urbanspoon