Mini Review: Lucy Blue’s pizza

Lucy Blue’s pizza
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There is nothing quite the drunk munchies, is there? Terry and I had a craving for pizza at, oh, 2 AM a couple of Saturdays ago. Lucy Blues’ Pizza Window on 12th and Walnut is open til 3 AM–handy! We called in an order– a half and half– and the staff person who answered the phone didn’t ask me which halves I wanted– just said, “OK, five minutes!” and hung up. I didn’t realize that they only do cheese and pepperoni– which makes sense as it’s a small window.

So we get to the window and wait in line, and we are by far the most sober of anyone in line. I’m used to the post-bar crowd, but as I’m not usually a heavy drinker, they just amuse me. I’ve heard more than one catfight and more than one refrain of “Dude, where’s my car?” at 3 AM. I love my neighborhood. I digress.

The pizza is good– very standard, crisp crust, with a good amount of cheese and savory sauce. It’s not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but it is very good and a good choice for late night munchies.

Lucy Blues’ other locations include Mt. Lookout and Covington (near Mainstrasse).

Edit, 10/1/08: Terry and I grabbed some pizza after celebrating with friends at Twist last Friday night, and it has gone very downhill– the sauce was different (and bad, too spicy, and not enough sauce), the cheese was barely visible, and it was cold (and couldn’t have gotten that way in the block’s walk). Consistency is key– and don’t assume that all of your clientele is too drunk to know any better. I still want to try the main location in Mt. Lookout, but I’ll be hesitant to try the pizza window for a while.

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