Mini Review: Heartland Brewery

Hi everyone, from a computer at an internet cafe near Columbus Circle. Terry’s a big fan of these internet cafe things– and it’s definitely cheaper than in-room wifi.

In case you’ve been wondering (I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath) where we’ve eaten so far, here’s the list:

Heartland Brewery
Starbucks (OK, that doesn’t count)
The Bread Factory (coffee, doesn’t really count either)
Moshe’s Falafel (Terry ate there)
Famous Famiglia Pizza (mini review coming)
Delta Grille (an old favorite)
Bouchon Bakery (full review forthcoming, and I am still nibbling on bits of a chocolate chip cookie)

Heartland Brewery is Terry’s second favorite brew pub and his favorite beer there is the Cornhusker. His favorite? Capital Kolsch at the Capital Brewery in DC. He’s been talking about this beer since we booked the trip. A mighty fine beer, indeed– light and fresh tasting. Heartland Brewery also has great homemade sodas. In fact, in the near future (oh, an hour or so from now), I intend to have their Vanilla Virgin– Vanilla Absolut vodka and their homemade black cherry soda. I love black cherry soda. I love vanilla vodka. Can’t go wrong, right? They also have a full menu of bar-type food, all in huge portions with fairly good quality. Their burgers are nice, and their appetizers are, in general, pretty good. After you drink one of their “Beer Goddesses” (130 oz of beer in a feminine looking glass), I guess it doesn’t matter, does it? Heartland Brewery has several locations, including one in the Empire State Building, one in the Theater District, one on Union Square and one near Radio City.

Cornhusker, heartland brewery

Tonight we’re going to find a place in Little Italy or Chinatown for dinner. Tomorrow? Who knows!

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