Recipe: Terry’s Birthday Dinner

Terry’s birthday was a week or so ago, but instead of going out, he wanted me to make him dinner. We trolled Findlay Market for fresh veggies, and ended up with a mishmash of his favorite foods. I got some Amish chicken from Luken’s (whose $5 for 5 pounds of chicken leg-and-thigh quarters can’t be beat; Terry likes dark meat anyway), some fresh corn, zucchini and tomatoes and I threw together a salad. Very simple, but tasty– it tasted like summer.

Terry's birthday dinner

Mmm. Fresh tomatoes.

Terry's Birthday Cake-- bonbonerie

I firmly believe that everyone should have cake for their birthday. This cake is the Opera Cream cake from The Bonbonerie. He loved it!

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  • That looks yummy! I almost sent you a message the other day…eggplants are $1 at Biggs. I bought one and roasted it like I do all veggies and it turned out great! Any other suggestions? We need a local forum I guess! Sorry to go off on a tangent.

  • Ratatouille? Eggplant parm? Baba ghanoush!

    Bring up topics any time you want. If you have a blog post idea, let me know, and I’ll post it for general discussion. You know I don’t mind. 🙂

  • What does it say that I could identify that cake without reading the text?? That is my favorite, MMMM.

    Happy belated B-day Terry!

  • mmm…my husband and i both love the opera cream torte. i made him order it once at dewey’s very early in our relationship and he fell in love. we had it as our wedding cake…it may be why he married me 😉

    total side note – the top layer held up to freezing very well and was still delectable on our first anniversary.

  • The Irishman and I had this as our wedding cake, too! We order one on our anniversary every year.

    Ridiculously good!

    Please don’t list the calories or fat grams…I don’t even want to know.

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