Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich
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BLT: Summer’s perfect food. This one includes homegrown tomatoes by our own Vudutu (thank you, Craig!), peppered bacon from Kroeger’s in Findlay Market, white bread from Shadeau Bakery and romaine lettuce. Oh, and Mayonnaise.

Terry says I’m doing it all wrong because it’s not iceberg and squishy white bread; I like it just fine. I did it on herbed foccacia last year and it was amazingly good.

What’s your favorite use of homegrown tomatoes this time of year?

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  • You’re not doing it ALL wrong. A BLT MUST be on toast, not squishy white bread. Squishy white toast? Maybe. And I’m totally cool with romaine.

  • I love using vine-ripened tomatoes (thanks to my neighbor) to make fresh Pico de Gallo and fresh homemade salsa.

    Ironically, I hate tomatoes…as in slices on sandwiches, but I like it married with other things such as onions, jalapenos, etc.

    Oh, and peppered bacon is a gift from God, in my estimation! 🙂

  • Terry’s right. A BLT is a simple, double decker design of cheap white bread (toasted is ok), iceburg lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes and crisp fatty bacon with mayo or miracle whip.

    Nothing fu-fu! 🙂

  • Robin– I tend to only like fresh tomatoes on sandwiches for two months out of the year. The rest of the time, they can just go away.

    Toddy-O– I think they’re only double-decker in Cincinnati. The rest of the world makes do with two slices of bread.

  • I never use white bread, like, for anything, including the venerable BLT. Personally, I prefer a nice marble rye or a nice nutty whole grain.

    As far as fresh tomatoes, i’ve been making ridiculous amounts of fresh salsa. Also, it becomes time to make curries and bbq sauce which I have been making in copious quantities as well.

  • Chris– I like a country white, just not the commercial kind. And rye bread just doesn’t quite do it for me with a BLT. Boule or French might be nice…

  • We have been using different breads we find at Findley on Saturdays for BLT’s. We do throw an egg on once and a while (Hard boiled and sliced) for a great BLT. My boyfriend makes great mayo for them as well. As for other uses, Caprice Salad, and hopefully an attempt at a good Gazpacho. Yum. I cant seem to get enough of them, although I agree with Julie, they are only good on sandwiches a few times a year.

  • ew, yeah, rye bread would be all sorts of wrong with a BLT.

    At the end of the day,though, all of it’s pretty good, be it on Wonder bread or an artisan bread, don’t you think? It’s hard to go wrong with a BLT in any form. Even in salad form. Tasty!

  • Glad you enjoyed them Julie.

    Kel we do the BLTE thing also with fried egg and we do different breads from Findlay, have you tried Blue Moons? They have a white that they somehow do with whole wheat, they call it kid fooler I think. It is fabulous but expensive. The loaf we got last week only lasted till Sunday night, We used the heels to sop up Belgium mussel sauce yum.

    I bake a half pound of Krause’s hickory smoked in the oven, takes about 30 minutes in a 400 degree, you have to watch it real close at the end, very easy to burn it.

    As to rules the only fast one we have is tomatoes and it MUST be Hellmans mayo, there is no other worthy except perhaps home made. Anything else is up for debate.

    Other uses, Caprice Salad, lots, just sliced with fresh ground pepper and sea salt, perhaps some balsamic, tomato sauce, made tomato soup last week.

    You know BLT salad is a great picnic dish, cube up bread, tomatos, lettuce. Fry your bacon, pack in containers, haul those, a big bowl and some mayo to the picnic and toss it all at the table.

  • I don’t bake it unless I am either not up for the frying mess or I am doing a LOT of it. Do it at a high temp, line a cookie sheet with foil, turn it once, after you pull it let the pan sit till it cools, you can either pour off and save the fat or wrap up the foil, discard and you have easy cleanup. Taste wise I like it little better fried, baking you have to watch carefully in the end but you can do a bunch with less attention. It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it. This came from a catering chef friend, they are a great source for time saving tips.

  • A reminder, if you are a tomato junkie and did not catch Jamie Oliver’s show Sat morning last week do try and find a rerun, it was great, all on tomatoes. We are going to try his roasted tomato and sausage this weekend. Off to Kroger boys!

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