wine me, dine me (in New York City)

So Terry and I are leaving at the end of next week for NYC. I’ve been there twice before and Terry’s spent a ton of time there, so he’s very familiar with the lay of the land, and we already have a few ideas of where we need to eat– Katz’s is #1, followed by Moshe’s falafel (Terry’s a fan) and I’m sure that Terry has some others. I’m going to drag him to Bouchon Bakery (since Per Se is closed for a good portion of our vacation) and I’m sure we’ll go to the Heartland Brewery for a Cornhusker for Terry and to this beer bar whose name I always forget in Hell’s Kitchen for a Kona Longboard for me. Maybe craftsteak?

So where do you think we should go? Less touristy stuff, please– we’re staying on Times Square because Priceline put us there, but we much prefer hanging out and eating in places that aren’t right around Times Square.

I do promise a tour of Little Italy (we have a little tour we do, it’s quite fun and incredibly delicious) and Chinatown (if the fish don’t try to get me…). What other neighborhoods would you like a mini-tour of?