Review: Golden Rule, Irondale, AL

Because we’re talking so much about barbecue, here are a few pictures of The Golden Rule in Irondale, Alabama. I took these back in December, before I started the blog (but while it was definitely jostling in the back of my mind).


It smells twice as good as it looks.

That is their pit. I told the Pitmaster, who has been doing his thing for 30 years, that I was from out of town and wrote a food blog, and he said I could even poke the pork butts with a giant fork. I declined. Maybe next time.

Barbecue, amazing fries and cole slaw

Extra pork plate, sliced, half and half. This means that it is essentially a double order of pork (see the plate on the right? Yeah.), sliced and not chopped, half from the inside (tender and delicious) and the outside (a little burnt and delicious). The fries and the coleslaw? The fries are awesome, crispy and skin-on. The coleslaw is vinegar-based, but not “hot slaw” as I know it.

Me, for perspective.

In about a two-month span, I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the top of the Empire State Building, and visited the World’s Largest Office Chair in Anniston, AL. I’m sure you can guess which was the most impressive.

What’s your favorite non-local barbecue place?

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