News: AOL Local City’s Best

AOL has released its lists of best restaurants, and I wonder if the people who vote actually live here!

Among their best: Riverside Revolving, Dancing Wasabi, Walt’s Barbecue, First Watch, Quatman’s, Skyline, Graeter’s, El Coyote, La Rosa’s, and The Precinct.

Interesting notes: Riverside Revolving was the number one romantic restaurant. It has a pretty view and all, but the food is barely better than your local smorgasbord. There are other restaurants with pretty views– Primavista comes to mind– that are far more romantic and not even mentioned.

Three of the five best steaks were Jeff Ruby restaurants.

Several restaurants won awards are now closed: Nick’s Chops and Chasers, Napa Grille, Porkopolis. I guess AOL doesn’t fact-check.

Dave and Buster’s has a good singles scene? Who knew?

What do you folks think? Obviously, these lists are pretty subjective– I should probably make my own.