News: AOL Local City’s Best

AOL has released its lists of best restaurants, and I wonder if the people who vote actually live here!

Among their best: Riverside Revolving, Dancing Wasabi, Walt’s Barbecue, First Watch, Quatman’s, Skyline, Graeter’s, El Coyote, La Rosa’s, and The Precinct.

Interesting notes: Riverside Revolving was the number one romantic restaurant. It has a pretty view and all, but the food is barely better than your local smorgasbord. There are other restaurants with pretty views– Primavista comes to mind– that are far more romantic and not even mentioned.

Three of the five best steaks were Jeff Ruby restaurants.

Several restaurants won awards are now closed: Nick’s Chops and Chasers, Napa Grille, Porkopolis. I guess AOL doesn’t fact-check.

Dave and Buster’s has a good singles scene? Who knew?

What do you folks think? Obviously, these lists are pretty subjective– I should probably make my own.

13 thoughts on “News: AOL Local City’s Best”

  • i <3 <3 <3 walt's bbq. also i like dancing wasabi, but i don't think it's my favorite. but it's better than pf chang's winning.

    also it cracks me up that the description of the mexican winner is: "Mashed potatoes and mac 'n' cheese on a Tex-Mex menu? If you're looking for authentic south-of-the-border cuisine, this isn't it."

    re: closed places being on the list, that's just ridiculous.

  • national websites never do a good job on local lists. These places are just names to them – they have no idea. Best to simply ignore them.

  • Yes, please. Make your own. For some reason, I’m obsessed with your city and must know the good restaurants. I would love to visit there soon.

    Hanging on your every word…

  • What? What, and What??

    That’s crazy.

    Dave and Buster’s – I wouldn’t be caught dead looking for men there.

    If the list is to be truly the BEST of town, then it misses the mark terribly.

    If it’s to be the list of the best local franchises (Graeter’s, La Rosas, Skyline) well, then MAYBE, okay.


    Yes, please. Come up with your own list. It would be far more accurate.

  • You know well my heart for Quatman's.

    I had no idea about D&B, no wonder it took me so long to find a husband. Here I was looking at Chuckie Cheese.

    I see a job opportunity for you wine me dine me – AOL obviously needs you.

  • The key word: AOL. Not Zagat’s or Zugby’s or AAA. Am surprised about the Quality Inn Riverview (okay….I’m old school)….good food exists in this city and it doesn’t have to be 5 stars or alleged 5 stars.

  • Their FAQs say the nominees are chosen by AOL’s “editorial team.” Huh? How can AOL’s editorial team presume to know anything about Cincinnati’s dining scene?

  • Exactly. The lists are useless other than to give AOL the ability to say” hey look, we provided some content”.

    Not that it’s good content, or useful content, or accurate content….or….or….or….

  • ETC had Walt's cater a couple of partied and the food was amazing.
    As for D&B being a good place for singles – I guess it depends on who you're looking for 😉

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