Mini Review: Dewey’s

A group of my theater buddies gathered at Hofbrauhaus for a happy hour last Friday night. I didn’t bother to review Hofbrauhaus because their appetizers are unremarkable (but their beer is excellent, I rather enjoy their Munich Weizen– love wheat beers), but we did waltz over to Dewey’s for some pizza afterward. Dewey’s is some of my favorite pizza in town– not New York style, but the topping choices are excellent and the service is usually great. I also like their “specialty” pizzas– we got a half pepperoni, half Edgar Allen Poe, which has tomatoes, goat cheese, kalamata olives, mushrooms, olive oil and whole roasted garlic on top. I love goat cheese on pizza. Terry was less impressed– but he’s not a real pizza fan. The only pizza he ever suggests we get is LaRosa’s– he’s a big fan, since he likes the sweet sauce. I’m pretty sure he’s the only non-native I know who loves La Rosa’s. Who knew?

(And that’s Jay’s hand. He’s the same guy who did the cheesy fish sandwich in my Arnold’s review. The original picture had him giving us the finger. Not nice, Jay!)

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