Mini-Review: Coffee Emporium

Terry’s pretty much a regular this summer at The Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway, but in these past couple of months, he’s never tried their lunch menu! A travesty. We remedied that on Saturday morning.

Terry got a ham and cheese panini. It was pretty standard– ham, brie, and Dijon mustard served with some purple Terra chips. It was a good, standard sandwich.

Coffee Emporium

I got the curried chicken salad. I love curried chicken salad! I remember the old Le Cezanne on Hyde Park addicting me to it a few years ago. They served theirs on a baguette, and it was marvelous. I duplicated it myself, but since Terry isn’t a curry fan, I don’t make it very often. Coffee Emporium’s is OK– it was a little dry (needed just a touch more mayonnaise) but the flavor was good, with a standard yellow curry powder. I’d definitely order it again, but perhaps just as chicken salad and not as a sandwich.

Coffee Emporium

I like that the bread was fresh (from Shadeau, I believe) and that the ingredients also tasted fresh. I watched them make my fruit salad (the alternative to potato chips) right there, as well as some of their other dishes. They also have freshly made Belgian waffles with fresh fruit on Saturdays– which I plan on trying next Saturday.

Coffee Emporium isn’t just for coffee– their sandwiches are pretty good, too! Combine that with friendly service, a nice atmosphere and WiFi– it could totally be my office away from home.

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