Mini Review: City BBQ

I’m really just showing off the fact that I figured out how to get my Blackberry to upload pictures. Finally!

Terry and I go to City BBQ more often than we should. It’s a state chain, founded in Columbus, and they have really good barbecue. If you go to Hyde Park Plaza at the right time, you can smell them smoking and it’s absolutely addictive. Terry says it’s not quite like home, but it’ll do in a pinch.

City BBQ

They have three sauces– Brushfire, Regular and Mustard. I find little difference between the Brushfire and Regular (Though the brushfire is a bit thicker with molasses), but the mustard is darn good. All three are good, really. They also have good coleslaw, excellent skin-on french fries and great hush puppies. Terry swears he can make a meal just of the coleslaw and hush puppies. I could do the same with the fries! You can also order a whole roasted hog (which I SO want to do someday), chicken, and beef.

It is a great place for “fast” food that is actually tasty.
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