1st Annual Cincinnati Blogger Convention

Terry and I had such a great time last night at the Cincinnati Blogger’s Convention at Mercantile Library. We met up with some old friends– Michelle, Shannan, Jeff, Brian Bob and Erin and made a few new ones (who all acknowledged that we all felt like we knew each other already…): Kate , Ashish, Matt, Val, and Brian from CET (who needs to comment so I can read his blog).

For those of you who witnessed our spirited discussion, Jeff and I have come to a draw on the aioli. We’ve figured out that the egg can be optional– olive oil + garlic, mashed with a pestle– but the breadcrumbs are as well. Why add breadcrumbs to a sauce that has egg in it already? Bread’s a binder! Breadcrumbs must go into the olive oil and garlic version. Mustard is added to some versions, but not to others. There is obviously no definitive answer. Further research and testing is required. Oh, darn.

(The further I research this, the more muddled it gets. I just found a recipe that involves both breadcrumbs and egg yolks. I think the only real conclusion is that aioli is not mayonnaise. Ta da.)

Some pictures from the evening, courtesy 5chw4r7z:

6 thoughts on “1st Annual Cincinnati Blogger Convention”

  • I missed the aoili discussion but if mayonnaise is basically egg yolks and vegatable oil in an emulsion, isn’t that nearly then the same as olive oil, eggs and garlic?

    It was so nice meeting you!

  • It’s the technique used to make it and the finished texture. Plus, with the potential optional eggs, it gets complicated.

    I am *so* researching this more this weekend.

    Nice to meet you, too!

  • Brian from CET reporting. I’m here!

    It was great meeting everyone last night. I met so many incredible funny folks and even discovered that local aoili isn’t actual aoili.

    Now, to actually found out what aoili is.

    Brian from CET but also from Not Really a Book Blog Book Blog.

  • “true” aioli does not have eggs. that’s also who you ask. I made aioli for tapas party using mashed garlic, salt and olive oil. French incorporated the egg in the modern aioli.

    There was a Cincinnati Blogger’s convention? NO WAY!

  • Liberal Foodie– yup! It was about three weeks ago, I think.

    And really, I think that the egg thing is something that could go to fisticuffs. Not with me (I’m a lover, not a fighter) but different pretty reliable sources say different things. Which is why food is so interesting.

  • I’ve got to get more involved in the local blog stuff! I had no idea there was a blogger convention here in Cincy… What a maroon I am!

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