Still under construction…

…I’m still working on a template I like. This one may just stick for now, considering that Blogger likes to eat sidebars. Yuck.

Meanwhile, I’m working on reviews of Cincy Chic Chic Chef (last one in the series is this coming Wednesday!), Kellogg’s Country Kitchen, Mt. Adams Fish House and a lovely dinner Terry made for me this week, so don’t think I’ve stopped eating. I probably SHOULD, but I haven’t.

5 thoughts on “Still under construction…”

  • You should not stop eating! You looked fabulous on Sunday, so obviously good food suits you! I am currently holding to the theory that the tastier the food, the fewer the calories.

  • Nothing like a girlfriend to bolster one’s ego. You’re the fabulous one! We loved Trailer Park: The Musical, by the way. What’s not to love?

    And how is your newfound freedom?

  • It hasn’t quite sunk in. I have a lot to keep me busy right now. Did I tell ya the boy is in an opera?

  • TJ– Ha! Terry would be boyfriend, not restauranteur. Have you read my TTC review(s)? Often difficult to distinguish. 😉

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