Review: Mt. Adams Fish House

Terry and I decided to go up to Mt. Adams to hang out last Saturday night. Despite living a mere mile or so away, we just never head up there, as much as we like it. We had a pretty fun evening, starting out at The Monk’s Cove, where Terry had his first Jello shots. He’d never had them before, can you believe it? I felt sort of like I was back in college again, though I only had one or two. They weren’t very strong.

(This is actually after round two, after dinner. The remnants of a buttery nipple and some Jello shots. We know how to par-tay.)

Mt. Adams Fish House is owned by the same people who own Teak, who are the same people who own Apsara. Terry and I, in the fall, had actual entrees (not just sushi) at the Fish House, but we don’t really recommend it. I found the entrees uninteresting and really oversauced to the point where you couldn’t tell what sort of fish you were eating. And why get entrees when you can have sushi?

Their sushi is quite good. It’s very fresh and they always have some pretty innovative specials which are all beautifully presented. We started out with some edamame, which I did not take a picture of. Bad blogger. We then ordered our sushi– two rolls and some nigiri. The rolls we chose were the Baltimore roll (which involves Old Bay seasoning, cream cheese, crab, avocado and cucumber; a bit like a Philadelphia roll) and the spider roll, which involved fried soft shell crab, spicy mayo, cucumber and avocado. It was quite tasty (but Terry ate the ones with the legs).

We also got unagi, smoked salmon and tuna. I’m a huge fan of unagi– but often, it’s too covered in the soy and sugar sauce, and you can’t taste the eel. When the sauce is right, the unagi itself is often chewy. This wasn’t as tender and soft as I’ve had other places, but it wasn’t too overly sweet or salty, and not too chewy.

It is not my favorite sushi in town (Sake Bomb is my favorite, and Aoi was better, but that’s for another review after a more extensive tasting) but it is a great choice when you’re up in Mt. Adams.Mt Adams Fish House on Urbanspoon