Recipe Dealbreakers

I read the article in the New York Times on recipes and what turns people off from making them. I read a few comments, posted my own, and got to thinking: Is there anything I won’t try? I haven’t had luck cooking tofu– I can never get it to taste like anything other than paste– but is that to say I wouldn’t try a recipe if someone sent it to me and said “here, this is the mother of all tofu recipes”? Marla swears that she has some good tofu recipes, and I’ll try them. Not really a “dealbreaker”.

A lot of people said that their “dealbreaker” is odd ingredients– you know, the spice you need a teaspoon of but rarely use again. Terry often says, “Man, I’d love to make that, but I don’t have X,” and usually I have it– I love buying sauces and spices.

Another comment that came up on the Ruhlman blog is cook vs. some other designation– that you have to be willing to do everything to be a cook, otherwise you’re just faking it. This reminds me of the Foodie discussion we had here a couple of months ago.

So are you a cook? What makes a cook? Is there anything you refuse to touch in a recipe?