Mini Review: Florence Freedom

Terry and I love minor league baseball. We used to have Dayton Dragons seasons (well, part of a season pack), and we occasionally go to Florence Freedom games. They’re fun– you don’t really watch the baseball, you watch all of the silly stuff that goes on between innings. And compared to GABP? The food is fantastic. The Dayton Dragons’ food is a home run (did I really just say that?)– awesome hot dogs, sausages with sauteed peppers and onions, really good nachos, microbrews, the works. Florence Freedom food isn’t too bad, either. I’ve had several things that were decent there: grilled hamburgers (a little dry, but tons of condiments), fries (really good!), saratoga chips and chicken fingers (actual chicken tenderloins; a bit dry but A for effort). Plus, it’s a lot less expensive than GABP (great for familieis with kids), and they have days where beer is $1.

If you have the opportunity, check out the minors– you can see up-and-coming baseball stars AND get a pretty good food experience.