Mini Review: Chan’s Asian Wok


I call this a mini-review only because a) I’ve only sampled one dish and b) twice now, I’ve eaten my meal without taking a picture. Bad blogger!

Chan’s Asian Wok is next door to Half Price Books in Mason, near my office. I wandered in there one day when I left my lunch at home and had an inkling to grab a quick sandwich at Subway. Chan’s was between Half Price Books and Subway, and it smelled really good, so I went in.

Wow. For $4.50 I got some of the best take-out, “Americanized” Chinese I’ve had in a long time. I got the chicken teriyaki with steamed rice and veggies, which had a bunch of not too sweet, not overly salty sauce over bits of chicken breast and crisp-tender vegetables. According to their menu, everything is fresh, nothing frozen and they try to cook healthfully. It’s incredibly obvious– this is not your usual, sickeningly-sweet, overly salty, nearly-unidentifiable dark meat, but some really high quality stuff.

I stopped in there today and got the same thing– again, it was quick, fresh and delicious. I also saw a huge new banner– apparently they were just voted to the Top 100 Chinese Takeout Restaurants in the country! Pretty nifty. If you’re in the Mason area, check them out.
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