Cincy Chic: Sushi

Cincy Chic Chic Chefs is in its fourth week– only two more before they change locations to EQ at The Party Source in Newport. Last night, Chef Chris (who just turned 21, and is now a certified culinarian, the first step for American Culinary Federation certification, congrats, Chris!) made sushi for us. He explained what sushi is (sushi is the rice, not the fish) and made several rolls, with the audience’s help. It was definitely fun, and took the mystery out of sushi for many of the women (and a couple of men!) in the audience. You can find the recipes, podcast, and video on CincyChic, presented by Screaming Bob!

It was also Amy Storer’s birthday– we celebrated with chocolate cake and pink champagne. Later, a couple of us went out to Aoi– I won’t do a full review of Aoi because I only sampled a couple of rolls and because I didn’t have my camera (though Amy was kind enough to snap a picture)– but I can’t wait to go back. The rolls we shared were awesome!
Another fun night with Cincy Chic– when are you going to join us?