Cincy Chic: Grilling

Last week’s theme was grilling out. Chef Chris made “sliders” (those are so fashionable now, aren’t they?) as well as portabella burgers (for the vegetarians), some pasta salad and brought along a few pies. It was beautiful out on the deck of the McAlpin! Cincy Chic will be back at the McAlpin tonight for their final installment of this series of Cincy Chic Chic Chefs– desserts! They’ll also be giving away two Cincy Chic aprons, modeled here by Amy Storer and Susie Moushey.

Prepping the pasta salad…

The portabella burgers were nice:

We have a ton of fun at Chic Chefs– and yes, guys are allowed:

(That’s Ron, the representative from the McAlpin.)

Come on out, get some yummy desserts, and check back at the end of July for the next installment of Cincy Chic Chic Chefs, which I hear is going to be at EQ at the Party Source. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Cincy Chic: Grilling”

  • So my usual Wednesday night bike ride has be scheduled for tomorrow BUT I have to pick up my hubby at the airport at 7! I almost want to run in say hello, and then run out! Oh well, I won’t be THAT rude!

    Hey in the pic with the guy from the McAlpin is that Ron, not Dan?

  • 5chw4r7z: Go to and you can register there. It’s $15 a session (with drinks and food included).

    CinTwin: Aw! I’d love to see you! And it IS Ron– fixed that.

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