Shameless Plug: Cincinnati Fringe, 2008

Tonight, the curtain goes up on Cincinnati Fringe. What a great group of people, banding together to make some new, interesting, edgy, fun theater, spoken word, music, dance– all sorts of things! For full Fringe coverage, check out Cincinnati Fringe’s Website or The Conveyor . You may also see a familiar face around– I’ll be reviewing as many shows as I can, starting Thursday (after my preview dinner at Oceanaire). Busy week or so for me, but I promise to keep up my food writing. I won’t abandon you for theater reviewing.

Have you been to Fringe before? What were your favorite shows? What are you looking forward to this year? For me, I won’t be reviewing it, but The Hotel Plays promises to be interesting– and involves a couple of my close theater pals (thus why I’m not reviewing it). Go check it out!

4 thoughts on “Shameless Plug: Cincinnati Fringe, 2008”

  • And you were going to tell me you had a blog when?

    I saw Anna the Slut tonight– and my friend is the bearded guy in SoulVerses. I think his girlfriend is one of the bellydancers, I’ll have to ask him.

    LOVE the blog. I’ll link to you. 🙂

  • I was wondering about the belly dancer/ rapper connection. Those guys would be dumb not to date a belly dancer! The guy’s name is Nick Barrows. It sounded familiar to me when he introduced himself.

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