Review: Mr. Pig’s Rib Tips

Best food to follow a breakfast at Findlay Market (of liege waffles, of course)? Mr. Pig’s Rib Tips! Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me either, but Terry got a whiff of the rib tips smoking and couldn’t resist. I ended up with a bite, too. Or two.

I really ought to let Terry review this, as he’s the barbecue expert. He liked that the sauce, served mild, hot or half and half (which I guess averages out as medium?) really complimented the smoked pork, and wasn’t too sweet. It was tomato and Red Hot sauce based, instead. Me, I loved the smokiness of the meat, but the sauce wasn’t quite sweet enough. I really like the molasses-based sauces, and for less sweet I prefer mustard-based. It was great, and one $5 small rib tip was more than enough for two people. It came with a tiny container of vinegar and horseradish-based coleslaw and two pieces of cheap white bread (which is, of course, traditional and also makes a good napkin) and is sold out of the side of a building. Can’t get more authentic than that.

This is a great find at Findlay– I want to try their pulled pork, next.

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