Review: Acapulco, Lebanon, Ohio

I admit it: I have trouble driving north. I ran into some women at Cincy Chic who suggested restaurants in the West Chester/Montgomery area and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve just not ventured out there much. I’ll be sure to head up there soon to try a few of the fine dining establishments, such as Mesh, that I haven’t covered here. I’m equally uncomfortable with Florence (except for Chung Kiwha!) but I want to try NuVo, so I’ll have to break out of the comfort zone.

However, with Terry spending so much time in Lebanon, I got to know the north, in particular, the BW-3 up there a little too well. I was glad that, after set strike, the cast decided to go to Acapulco– a Mexican restaurant. I promise: this is the LAST mexican review I am doing for a while. I am tired of Mexican!

We started off with some guacamole and some queso dip. The guacamole was good, if too finely pureed for my tastes (I like it chunky). The queso dip, however, was one of the best I’ve had: there was, besides cheese, heavy cream, which made it rich and smooth, not processed-tasting or clumpy like many queso dips are . Really, really good.

Terry got the bistec Colorado, which he liked. It was spicy, but not overpoweringly so– just enough of a kick to be interesting, but not overwhelming to the palate.

I ended up with the carnitas, which is pork poached in fat. Yum! I really need to pick healthier options (at least I didn’t get the carnitas Acapulco, which are covered in cheese sauce!). They were good, if rich but a bit bland. I should have gotten the steak or perhaps some enchiladas poblanos.

Terry’s castmate, Cherie, who recommended the dishes we tried, went for the camarone de mojo de ajo, which were… weird. Mojo de ajo is usually lemon-and-garlic based, this was more clove-and-allspice based, but not as intensely flavorful as one might imagine. I had a bite of hers, and she said she wouldn’t order it again– and neither would I.

So if you find yourself up in Lebanon, try out Acapulco. A warning: they do not have a Sunday liquor license, only a beer license, so no margaritas on Sundays. And be prepared, when you order a tall beer. It comes out like this:

I had to share it with another woman at the table. It was that big. Sheesh!

No more Mexican for a while. What will our kick be next?

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  • I just found your post about Lebanon Acapulco. I live in Lebanon and eat there a lot – it’s very good. The waiters are also great – they let me practice my spanish on them.

    The next time your in Lebanon, you may want to try The Blackhorse Tavern. Not too many people know about it, but it’s a restaurant that’s in The Golden Lamb building but in the back. We went Friday night and my DH ordered BBQ ribs (that he said were fantastic even two days later) and I ordered the open face Turkey with mashed potatoes, and I’ve been craving it ever since.


  • hola!los quiero felicitar por sus deliciosos platillos y por sus empleados que siempre tienen una sonriza tan agradable pero hoy 07/25/09-bicite su restauran en lebanon oh fuy caminando xq no encontre mis lindas yaves y era tantas las gana de comer queso fundido que fuy caminando y para mi mayor sorpresa que al yegar ami casa no me dierton mi chisdep osea helou pero los disculpo si me dan trabajo?que dicen?

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