Mini review: Taste of Cincinnati

So we braved the crowds of Taste last night, and will again tonight (so we can see The Chocolate Horse play!). We picked up a few bites, and here’s what we thought:

Taste From Belgium’s Caramel Fleur de Sel Crepes: Yeah. Get one. Get three. Tell Jean-Francois I sent you. Don’t bother with banana. This is salty, sweet, but not too sweet or salty. Messy. Delicious. Best of Taste, by far.

Pit to Plate Barbecue: We got the ribs, which were well sauced and well smoked and quite good.

Balboa’s Philly Steak and Pizza: Terry spent a couple of years on and off in Philly. He’d rather eat Penn Station than this. Tasteless beef, nasty “whiz”, boring and bland bread.

Montgomery Inn Saratoga Chips: Yeah, at least it’s local.

I am pondering some Andy’s Mediterranean kebab tonight. Not sure yet. I’ll definitely report back (and I may do some mobile Twittering while I’m there, so follow me!). We may also try Scotty’s, which uses a sauce from Terry’s home state of Alabama. I will definitely end up with another crepe.