Mini review: Taste of Cincinnati, Part Two

The Horse, was, of course, fabulous.

I had more crepes. A bite of the lemon and lavender sugar variety– yum!– and another caramel fleur de sel. Heaven.
Mythos Gyros: Awesome. Better tzatziki than Sebastian’s, and surprisingly good tomatoes considering the time of year. I’ll have to swing by there sometime for a whole gyro.

Rusty Bucket’s Bucket Bites: After a night of beer, there’s not a lot better than sliders. These are White Castles with good meat and good bread. Yum.

Honey Corn: From somewhere. Not particularly honeyed or buttery, but surprisingly sweet for the season. Must be South American.

Thai Taste: This used to be next to my gym in Western Hills. Surprisingly good Thai, so good I really ought to go back out there. Their crab rangoon contains crab, but their vegetable spring roll was bland.

Moerlein’s new beer: Lager House Helles. Pretty nice. I know little about beer besides “I like Guinness” and “I don’t like it too hoppy.” This wasn’t too hoppy. I drank a lot of it. Yum.

(And yes, Terry and I split everything. Except for the beer. I made him get his own.)

Edited to add: We did Andy’s Mediterranean, too– thank you, Anonymous, for reminding me!– and though it wasn’t bad, I thought it was a bit over-marinated.