What a weekend!

The weekend was almost entirely consumed with my friends Abby and Tony’s wedding, so there’s really no restaurant reviewing to speak of. The rehearsal dinner was catered by Tony’s brother, Lou, and was really nice– beef tenderloin, spinach and pine nut stuffed chicken, green beans, roasted potatoes, salad, and cake. It was all homemade, and all delicious. I’ll be posting some pictures when I get them from Mikki, the photographer.

The wedding was catered by Raffel’s, and (I can say this because Abby said it herself) was very normal banquet food: chicken, beef, sides, etc, for 170 people. Nothing spectacular, but after having not eaten for eight hours (ah, the life of a bridesmaid!), I was pretty hungry. The reception itself was fun, with lots of dancing and merriment among family and friends, a good proportion of which were theater people. And man, The Boyfriend sure can dance!

Sunday, after a tough day of sitting around the apartment, Terry and I went to City Barbecue in Hyde Park. We each got the pulled pork platter, and talked about our next trip to Alabama, home of The Golden Rule and some other place where the locals line up for hours to get barbecue on weekends. City Barbecue satisfies the barbecue craving, but never completely.

Last night, after doing some costuming at the theater, Ted and I went to La Mexicana. Now, Ted really likes Nada, particularly their fish tacos, but we both agree that sometimes a hole in the wall is better. I got a couple of barbacoa tacos, and what do you know? They taste just like Nada’s.

This weekend is sort of planned out as far as restaurants are concerned. I’ll be seeing 5chw4r7z‘s lovely wife in a play this weekend, and a group of us are going out beforehand to what I think will end up being Apsara in Blue Ash, and then on Saturday, a group of us are going to Arnold’s for dinner. I’m hoping to do a special Food of the Great American Ball Park post, too.

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  • Hey! I ran across your blog from Londyn’s. I live in Alabama and I have to say my absolute favorite BBQ place is Dreamland BBQ. There are several locations (the original is in Tuscaloosa, AL), but their ribs are outstanding. My aunt told me this morning that Dreamland was featured on the Today Show. Thought you’d be interested.

  • Hey, Kim! Terry tells me that he LOVES Dreamland BBQ. I think that maybe this summer we need to do a BBQ tour. Mmm. I’m getting hungry already.

  • Holy Cats! Over the Rhine? My favorite band, EVER. We must be long lost friends. It’s good to meet you. One of my favorite cities is Cincinnatti from many moons ago in college (following OtR around a bit). They actually were in Birmingham not too long ago for the first time. They’re so good live.

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend. If you end up at Apsara, get the duck or recommend it to someone that enjoys it. It’s one of their best dishes.

  • Liberal Foodie, I’ll get the duck, for sure. I adore duck. I’ve eaten so much duck recently that I should start quacking. 🙂

  • Cin Twin– it is. I have some pictures of The Boyfriend, too, but he wishes to remain anonymous. 🙂

    Vudutu– want me to bring you back a plate the next time we go to Alabama? 🙂

  • Julie, OH YEA, in fact I’ll spring for a big order and we can get some of the foodies together and pig (pun intended) out!

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