Review: Great American Ball Park

Ah, it’s baseball season. Who cares if the Reds aren’t doing very well (okay, we care, but I think that we in Cincinnati are pretty used to losing pro sports teams), it’s still fun to go to the ballpark, grab a hot dog and a beer, and sit back and relax.

Problem is, the Reds ballpark has the worst traditional ballpark junk food ever. The “regular” hot dogs, Kahn’s, are tasteless– they’re slightly more moist versions of the bun they serve them on . In the Club Level (we had free tickets that came with Terry’s season ticket package), the food is pretty much the same as the rest of the park, except that it’s even more overpriced– adding insult to injury. I realize that I’ll pay too much at a ballpark for food, but does it have to be tasteless?

You do have other options: Penn Station is a nice choice, and as Veggie Option noted, you can get vegetarian hot dogs. You can also have a La Rosa’s pizza delivered to your seat, or buy it and other La Rosa’s products by the slice.

My favorite thing about the ball park?

Oh, yes. The onion machine. That and some brown mustard are the only thing that can rescue those hot dogs. And they don’t even sell fresh nachos with that nasty cheese dip anymore! It’s all prepackaged, except at one stand (and I have no idea where it is).

The Club seats really aren’t worth the extra money, except perhaps on a hot day when you’d like a mixed drink (gin and tonic is my choice) and some a/c or some healthy options, like fruit or chicken. It is really pretty, and the bathrooms are really clean.

Sometime, we’ll try to make it to The Machine Room before or after a game. We ended up going to Rock Bottom for a beer in the seventh inning– the score was 9-1. But it was a beautiful night for a ball game.