wine me, dine me (in washington, DC)

Don’t worry, I’m not moving. However, Terry and I are going to be enjoying ourselves in our nation’s capital for a few days. I’ll be out of town until Tuesday, but I’ll be reporting from the field. I hear that I’ll be at Capitol City Brewery at least once a day (so says the guy that used to live there), but if I find anything else interesting, I’ll be sure to report.

I knew I bought a flickr pro account for something!

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  • Oh have fun!! Hopefully you will get to see the Cherry Blossoms. I went to DC for the first time last summer and went to this awesome Brazilian place. Here is the website:

    It is not one of those all you can eat meat places but really authentic. It is in Adams-Morgan which has a subway stop.

    Have fun!

  • That’s my old stompin’ grounds. If you get a chance, eat at Jaleo. Spanish tapas style restaurant. Since my move, they opened couple more locations in the city. For good burger, go to 5 guys. I’ve never tried it but have friends that claim it’s the best. And of course have lots of fun.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, Liberal Foodie! I love tapas, so Jaleo will definitely be on our list. And you know how Terry and I both love burgers. Yum!

  • I lived in D.C. for a while and I’ve been to both Ipanema and Five Guys! Ipanema was good but you’ll spend more time parking than in the restaurant. Take a cab or the Metro.

    Five Guys is not a restaurant, per se… it’s carry out only, like Alabama Fish Bar. But it’s a great cheap burger.

    The best burger I had in D.C. was at Sam & Harry’s. It sounds like a pub but it’s actually a nice restaurant. The burger is only on the lunch menu.

  • Liberal foodie– Terry used to live in DC too, and loved Jaleo. We tried to go our first night, but didn’t make it. We ended up going for lunch today– delish! I’ll do a write up.

    We’ve doneCapitol City Brewery, Zorba’s and the hotel restaurant (eh).. so far. 🙂

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