Review: Half Day Cafe

My dear friend Abby is getting married in a few weeks, and I have the honor of being in her wedding. On Saturday, I had to go over to Bridal and Formal in Reading to pick up my (admittedly lovely) bridesmaid’s dress. I was slightly nervous– let’s just say I ordered the dress before I started the food blog– but everything turned out great, and I look quite smashing in the dress (if I do say so myself). Terry was brave and came with me into the inner sanctum of femininity– the bridal shop. He came out unscathed. So that we didn’t drive all the way to Reading for just a dress, we stopped in Wyoming and tried Half Day Cafe.

Half Day Cafe
Tea, please?

Half Day Cafe is one of those breakfast places. You know the ones– breakfast, lunch and brunch. This one’s only open Monday through Saturday– closed Sunday. I think they’re missing some prime opportunities being closed Sunday, but it works for them.

I got the egg strata with bacon, gorgonzola, egg bread, rosemary and orange zest. It came out looking and smelling delicious– crispy and golden with a waft of rosemary. When I took my first bite, I tasted no gorgonzola, no rosemary, and little bacon. All I tasted was orange zest. I totally get the idea they were going for, but there is far too much orange zest. I’ve definitely decided that I do not like orange with my eggs. It’s not often that rosemary, a pretty pungent herb, is overwhelmed by anything. Gorgonzola is a fairly strong cheese, and I couldn’t taste it at all. I definitely wouldn’t order it again. The tiny little lemon-poppyseed muffin was cute, but I didn’t taste any lemon in the bite I took. The potatoes were undercooked (to the point of being raw in some spots) and overly seasoned with rosemary. The individual pots are a great idea, and I definitely get what they’re going for, but the seasoning was just terribly off.

Half Day Cafe

Terry got the Almond Cinnamon stuffed french toast and a side of applewood smoked bacon. Applewood smoked bacon must be in– this is the second meal in a row that involved it. The french toast was great– crispy on the outside, custardy on the inside– though it could have used a little bit more filling in the center. I wonder if the ricotta stuffing was too runny, so they used less of it? I’ve seen other places use marscapone to a rich, creamy effect– that might make for a better stuffing. However, the flavors were great and balanced.

Half Day Cafe

I’ll definitely go back– I want to try the mango butter rum french toast sometime. However, they need to work on their savory flavors– sweet and savory can go to better, but some balance would make the egg strata better.

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