Review: Twist at Pigall’s

I popped by Twist on Valentine’s Day, before I cooked dinner for Terry. A couple of friends from a former job were meeting there, and since I’d never been to Twist, I was eager to go. You can see some great pictures from the same evening (though we were there separately) at 5chw4r7z’s blog. I ended up meeting Burke, the general manager of the soon-to-open Lavomatic, who was very welcoming and eager to hear my opinion on Lavomatic once it opens. He offered me a tour, but sadly, I was a bit overwhelmed on Tuesday, and was unable to attend.

Terry and I went back on Friday– I was that enamored of the place and the atmosphere and drinks– and had a great time. He had his first dirty martini (known at Pigall’s as Deliciously Dirty), which I had a sip of– a very nice dirty martini, but not his favorite. I drank Vanilla Heat (vanilla and amaretto and cinnamon), and he finished up the night with pear margaritas which were phenomenal. It’s a little expensive– $11-14 a drink regularly; on Valentine’s drinks were half-price during happy hour– but the atmosphere was well worth it.