Review: Kroger Sushi

So it’s not a restaurant, shoot me. 🙂

I love sushi. For me, it’s become take-out on par with Chinese food in the little paper containers: comfortable, somehow elegant (I always thought it was grown-up to eat with chopsticks out of a paper container. I was a weird kid.) and quite delicious. When I worked for The American Jewish Archives, and when I was an undergrad at UC, I’d often run over to Keller’s IGA for some of their sushi: they were the first grocery store in the area to have really good sushi, and they’re still my favorite choice for quick, take-out, decent quality sushi.

Most grocery stores, on the other hand, have awful sushi. Not-so-fresh, tasteless, with gummy rice (Trader Joe’s and The Party Source, I’m looking at you). Kroger’s (and Keller’s), in the search for a more upscale, gourmet experience, hired sushi chefs (instead of having factory-made stuff delivered) at their flagship store, Hyde Park Plaza, and now have pretty decent sushi.

You won’t get anything exotic here– it’s no Sake Bomb or Beluga– but you will get good, standard sushi. I’m a fan of their bagel roll (cucumber, avocado, salmon and cream cheese) and the dynamite roll (same as above, substitute spicy tuna for the salmon and cream cheese). They also have nigiri sushi in a package called the “Nagano Platter”, which contains shrimp, unagi (my favorite), salmon and tuna. The unagi is OK (no more than OK), with a limited amount of sauce. Stick to the maki, you’ll be very pleased.

Are you a sushi beginner? Check out The Sushi FAQ, which is helpful even to those of us who’ve been eating sushi for years. Maybe I’ll try making sushi at home again someday– the last time didn’t turn out so well, but I think that was in 2002. If anything, I can eat bowls of sushi rice for days. Yum.