The Iron Horse Inn

I’m sad to report that the Iron Horse Inn has closed in Glendale. It was home to some fabulous wine dinners (so I hear, I never had the chance to attend one) and great food. Hopefully something new, but in keeping with the flavor of the neighborhood, will acquire that prime location. I’ll keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “The Iron Horse Inn”

  • I’m crushed. I’d had Sunday and Easter brunch there many times, and a fantastic dinner with Drew one night (the last night for Chef Chris). I’m glad you posted this, because I would have kept right on posting their wine dinners. Goodness, first Encore, then One, and now Iron Horse Inn. A rash of closings lately.

  • That’s right. I’d forgotten about Vinyl, which is odd since I have about $50 in gift certificates I never got to use. Jardin (same owners) was also short-lived. And of course the transformation of Pho Paris to the oddly named Chalk. It’s a strange time for restaurants in our city.

  • There is additional (updated) information about the IRON HORSE in this article ( on my website.

    Believe it or not, it’s actually a good time for restaurants in our city (though hard time for those specific restaurants mentioned). There is an ebb and flow to restaurant development.

    I quite respect Jean-Robert’s decision to pull the plug on Pho. It obviously wasn’t working, so rather that put the rest of his empire at risk, he’s changing the format of that place.

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