Midwest Culinary Institute’s Wine Dinners

A new wine dinner is in town! Though wine reviews and tastings are something I’ll leave to Michelle, I am pretty thrilled to talk about The Midwest Culinary Institute’s brand-new monthly wine dinners. My friend Drew is on the planning committee for this event, and I’m so pleased that he invited his friends (including me!) to the inaugural dinner last month, and I’m delighted to go again tonight.

Each month, the Midwest Culinary Institute (which is aiming to be one of the premier culinary schools in the country) is hosting a wine dinner which features a local chef and a particular wine distributor. I hear from Drew that this month’s chef is Alan Neace, Sr., who is an ACF-certified Chef-Instructor at the institute. All of the meals are prepared by students, and the wine pairings are explained by the distributors. A big group of us got together to go last month, and are doing the same this month. We all had a great time– the food was very good, the wine pairings were great (I still have dreams about a certain Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a creamy blue cheese), and it’s wonderful to dine on food created by up-and-coming chefs (who work both front and back of the house– I’m impressed!).

I’ll grab a menu and recap tonight after the dinner. I hear rumors that the Summit (the restaurant at MCI) will eventually be a regular, working restaurant, open to the public for more than just special events. I’ll keep you posted!