Kroger recycling plastic bags!

Reminded by both The Kitchen and The Foodie Report , I noticed last night at Hyde Park Kroger that they had cans out to recycle plastic bags: grocery bags, drycleaning bags, produce bags. Whole Foods, who owns Wild Oats is pledging to go plastic bag free by Earth Day. As HP Kroger is the only Kroger I visit with any regularity, do you know if other local Krogers (or other stores) are doing this as well? I bring my own bags to Trader Joe’s, and I also tote along a few bags in my car when I go to Findlay Market. Several stores give discounts if you bring your own bags: Kroger’s is 5 cents, Keller’s IGA is 10 cents. It’s economical and good for the environment!

What do you do with your unused bags?