Kroger recycling plastic bags!

Reminded by both The Kitchen and The Foodie Report , I noticed last night at Hyde Park Kroger that they had cans out to recycle plastic bags: grocery bags, drycleaning bags, produce bags. Whole Foods, who owns Wild Oats is pledging to go plastic bag free by Earth Day. As HP Kroger is the only Kroger I visit with any regularity, do you know if other local Krogers (or other stores) are doing this as well? I bring my own bags to Trader Joe’s, and I also tote along a few bags in my car when I go to Findlay Market. Several stores give discounts if you bring your own bags: Kroger’s is 5 cents, Keller’s IGA is 10 cents. It’s economical and good for the environment!

What do you do with your unused bags?

4 thoughts on “Kroger recycling plastic bags!”

  • We actually use our bags for recycling and for garbage. That way, we don’t buy Hefty bags just to add to the plastic. Not ideal, and I’m considering switching to canvas, but it still doesn’t solve the whole garbage bag issue. 🙁

  • I just went to Wild Oats (Rookwood) the other night and I had my two tote bags from Bigg’s with me. If you use them there, they give you a “wooden nickel”. As you leave, you can put it in a box of your choice and it donates 5 cents to whatever charity you want to support.

    I love that all of the Bigg’s stores are now offering tote bags for $1. I saw that Wild Oats was selling them too, but they looked a little smaller than the Bigg’s ones. Also $1, if I remember correctly.

  • I just don’t use plastic bags. I purchased 7 cloth bags about 3 yrs ago and keep them in the car. They’re great and carry way more than the average plastic bag would without breaking.

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