Chalk opens!

I’m hoping to check out Chalk in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be honest– the name doesn’t quite capture me, but the concept does. I’m very interested in what sounds like a non-traditional, casual, creative restaurant.

And don’t get me started on how much I’m looking forward to Lavomatic. I hear whispers about what the menu might be– not sure if I can share yet– but it will be appropriate for a city with the culinary history Cincinnati has, and unlike anything you can currently get downtown.

Read about Chalk here.

3 thoughts on “Chalk opens!”

  • I’m afraid that Chalk will be another subpar Jean-Robert franchise. Let me preface this by saying that I think that J-R’s done great things for this city. However, I’m no marketing guru, but I know that Jean Robert, in addition to being a great chef, is also a brand. With this frenzy of new openings (Greenup Cafe, Jean Ro’s, Twist, the new one in OTR, the now defunct Pho Paris, the catering and banquets at Newport Aquarium, and now Chalk) I can’t help but worry that he’s cheapening the brand and spreading himself too thin. People expect a high level of service, consistency and quality from all his restaurants and I’m increasingly hearing grumbling from friends and others that they’ve had mediocre meals and service. Of course, I’ve never heard anyone say anything remotely negative about Pigall’s, the restaurant that receives most of his attention and time. Chalk just seems thrown together to me, and I fear that it will be below expectations and short lived.

  • Anonymous– I’ve eaten at Greenup Cafe, which does well, I think, because it is more casual– much more cafe-like. Jean Ro’s was okay, but not really much more than okay. I can definitely see the possibility of him being stretched too thin– he’s running, what, seven restaurants right now? I wonder if the market can really support that many of his concepts– it’s a small town, food-wise, after all.

    Chad– interesting review. I hope the problems you had were just freshman mistakes, but since (supposedly) the staff was just taken from Pho Paris, this is worrisome. Nice blog, by the way, and I hope to read more of it (and hope you’ll stick around here, too).

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